parking lot sweeping and line painting in Regina 2023

Parking lot line painting

Line striping in parking lots is essential to keeping an organized traffic flow in your lot, but they can fade. Our Greenscaper team will get it done for you after the sweeping at a reasonable cost.

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parking lot sweeping service in Regina

Parking Lot Sweeping

After the harsh winter season, parking lots were covered with sand and other debris. Hence, most of the commercial parking lot needs a clean-up. Our Greenscaper team will take care of it for you at a reasonable price. We sweep the parking lot and haul away any collected dirt or debris. The sweeper is attached to the front of a skid steer, which can gather and dump all the excess materials into the dump truck. Usually, we will perform this type of work after hours to ensure no disruption to your business. This will leave your lot much cleaner for the upcoming summer season!

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