Spring & Fall Clean-up

Spring & Fall Clean-up in Regina

 Core Aeration, Power Rake & Yard Vaccum (FULL-SERVICE PACKAGE: Aeration, Power Rake, Power Vac, Overseeding & Fertilization)

Saskatchewan winters can be hard on your lawn. Snow, ice, and general wear and tear from winter can do plenty of damage to your grass. Spring clean up services offer a comprehensive lawn care solution that will get your grass growing green, healthy, and thick this summer season.

We offer Spring full services package that includes:

Power Raking – Greenscaper will de-thatch your entire lawn, removing all of the accumulated debris and dead grass that prevents it from growing to its fullest potential.
First Mowing & Trimming – We first mow of the season is crucial. Professional grass cutting of all turf surfaces to a standard cutting height of 2.5″ – 3″ and grass trimming along all of the edges of the turf surfaces
Leaf & debris cleanup on turf – Loose leaves and debris will be cleaned up and bagged from the lawn area.
Rockbed Blowout – Loose leaves and clippings will be blown off rock gardens or tree surrounds.
Clippings & Debris Bagging – Bagged clippings will be left near your property’s waste pickup site for removal by your municipality.
In addition to the above services, our Premium Spring Clean Up package includes:

Core Aeration – Aerate your lawn so that it receives more of the sunlight, nutrients, and water it needs to grow thick and healthy during the summer. Aeration is completed using a plug aerator. Plugs will be left on the turf surface to decompose.
Overseeding – Overseeding is the process of planting new grass seed to fill in areas of thinning turf. It’s a great way to improve the density of your lawn and enhance its color.
In general, this involves the entire lawn—not just a few bare or patchy spots, as those can be addressed more efficiently with spot seeding. In either case, the object is to get your lawn to a healthy condition, and this is aided when overseeding a lawn is combined with core aeration and fertilization.

Other benefits of lawn overseeding are enhanced appearance and color, increased disease and insect resistance and improved weed resistance. Overseeding a lawn allows the introduction of special blends of improved grass species that can effectively resist these unsightly lawn problems.

The process

Fertilization – Fertilization can help build stronger roots and blade, and strengthens the lawn against weed growth. Add a fertilization add-on to have a healthy green lawn all summer!